Do you have to be a member to nominate?
Yes, you must be a Property Council of Australia member to be able to nominate a person or project for the National Retirement Living Awards. If you are not a member, contact: Jennifer Roberts for more information on membership rates and benefits.
Does my project have to be complete?
Yes, your project must be completed and evidence must be provided of the project’s completion in the nomination. If your project is a completed stage of a multi-stage process, we will consider it complete.
Can I nominate a project that I have entered into the Property Council’s National Innovation and Excellence Awards?
Can I nominate a person/project that has been submitted before?
Yes, you can nominate a previously submitted person/project for an award if the entry has not previously won one of the award categories.
Can I nominate the same person/project in multiple categories?
Yes, if your project fulfils the criteria for multiple award categories, it can be nominated across those categories. For those categories with a nomination fee, you would need to pay a nomination fee for each category entered.
Can I submit a joint nomination?
Yes, if at least one organisation involved in the nomination is a Property Council of Australia member.