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170321 - Story 2 - David Mooney

Dedication, knowledge and managerial quality are all hallmarks of the 2020 National Programmed Award for Village Manager of the Year David Mooney.  
David has clearly portrayed dedication to short and long-term goals at Timberside Villas, Lendlease since coming on as Village Manager with an energetic and positive approach that influences not only the residents of the community but the staff too.  
Promoting an open-door policy and portraying a charisma that makes him highly approachable, David is only too happy to listen. His relationship with the Village Council is highly consultative, he’s constantly working to resolve issues diplomatically and with sensitivity.  
“My first impression of him was of an enthusiastic young man looking for a new challenge in life. After spending a week at another Lendlease Village learning about his new job, David started as our manager in the second week of September 2019. 
“By mid-March when the Coronavirus Pandemic hit hard, David had already gained enormous respect from everyone in our village with his ability to manage in such a way that the spirit among our residents was the best I had seen in my six years at Timberside. 
“Life during the next three months was difficult for everybody, we were so lucky to have a manager who had the ability to adapt to the circumstances and minimise the effect on our lifestyle. His personal help to some of our older and more handicapped residents during this time was beyond his duties as manager, and will not be forgotten” said Allan Watson the Chairman of Timberside Villas Village Council. 
David has shown compassion, enthusiasm and exceptional managerial skills in all aspects of his role as Village Manager. The atmosphere he has created at Timberside Villas after such a short period of time is incredible. He has instilled confidence in residents, council and senior management with his operational diligence and financial acumen.  
He is a true asset to Timberside Villas and a very well-respected member of the Timberside Villas community and Lendlease village management team. 


Posted by Patrick Tilley on Nov 19, 2020 5:00:00 PM

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