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Remember When was an initiative born out of the challenging times of COVID-19. While the older demographic had bunkered down both within and outside of retirement villages for safety purposes, Lendlease saw an opportunity to empower the same group and show how they could unexpectedly inspire others of all ages.

Aimed at positioning Lendlease as true leaders in relating to the retiree demographic, the initiative asked retirees to share positive memories and learnings from the past in the form of a story, poem, drawing or photo starting with their village residents before extending to the broader public.

Easier said than done. With a significantly reduced marketing budget, reduced marketing resources, no access to external creative marketing suppliers, time of the essence and numerous internal priorities at play (all due to COVID-19), Remember When came to life on a shoestring budget via true team ideation, creative spirit and genuine desire to make a difference.

In doing so, Lendlease achieved significant exposure nationally via media outlets including the Weekend Australian Magazine, Channel 10, Regional TV and key Online sites.

Meanwhile 165 retirees took the time to create and submit a reflection of the past, thereby obtaining much needed mental stimulation and a true sense of contribution. From here, all submissions will form what is believed to be the largest E-book of reflections ever compiled for this demographic in Australia.

In addition it is anticipated that this will be at the beginning of an annual effort, that will always be remembered as being born out of the toughest of times.

The success of this campaign was time-critical meaning the research, planning, consultation and execution moved at a rapid and sometimes overlapping pace to ensure it launched with relevance to the life events being experienced during the height of the pandemic.

It gave the community a chance to react on more positive times, remember and talk about their fond memories and share that wisdom with the broader Australian community enabling them to give everyone who sees or reads it the experience of the positives that can come from times of hardship.

Posted by Patrick Tilley on Nov 19, 2020 5:00:00 PM

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