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The Minda Brighton Dunes is an outstanding example of how the next generation of retirement living is confronting increasing demand, changing demographics and the continued scarcity of land supply to enhance the living experience of its residents.

The developer, Minda Inc., are leaders in cognitive disability care, services and housing. With a vision of social inclusion and connectivity with the wider community, Minda sought to develop a portion of its Brighton Campus for the inclusion of retirement apartments.

Brighton Dunes is an architecturally designed luxury retirement apartment at Brighton, one of Adelaide’s most beautiful beaches, as part of a complex development. The beachfront property has a resort-style atmosphere which provides breathtaking views of the beach, city and the hills.

It is home to a community of like-minded people who value location, lifestyle and comfort. Thoughtful planning and attention to detail is second to none. The contemporary fixtures and fittings have been selected for performance and aesthetics.

An outstanding operator with a people-first philosophy, Minda engaged a design team to create a luxurious, world-class retirement living project committed to delivering design excellence, honouring community needs and respecting the environment.

The project aims to develop a strong culture of prioritising the residents’ interests and welfare, improving health and well-being, ensuring support services are in place, enhancing a sense of community and social inclusion whilst providing a contemporary design.

“As retirement living sales experts, we are intimately acquainted with the concerns, friction points and the needs of our clients. One of the most fundamental of these concerns is isolation and loneliness in retirement.

“Minda have established their very own neighbourhood, the success of which is underpinned by the notion that both the residents and society at-large can enjoy the improvements of the development. The general public has vastly increased utility of the space and greater connection with the Brighton Dunes community.” said James Packham from Harcourts Packham.

Historically, society treated those with mental and physical disabilities very differently. This development has torn down the walls, physically and symbolically. The inclusion of Brighton Dunes in this development has modernised the way in which people with a disability integrate within the wider community for the benefits of social inclusion.

Posted by Patrick Tilley on Nov 19, 2020 5:00:00 PM

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