Imagine Projects Award for salesperson of The Year

The Imagine Projects Award for Salesperson of the Year  is for the salesperson who achieves outstanding results in leading and driving sales of retirement living units/apartments (independent and/or ‘care’ or ‘serviced’ apartments’) at one or more retirement villages.

The Salesperson will demonstrate capability in developing and implementing sales strategies, delivering an exceptional customer experience, demonstrating strong resident and community engagement, effective collaboration with village management, maintaining strong governance together with leadership, coaching and mentoring skills.

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Imagine Projects
Imagine Projects provides senior-centric sales, marketing, consumer research, market analysis, property styling and village consultancy advice to operators developing senior living accommodation and services. 

Imagine Projects has a profound understanding of the senior living market as the foundations of the company came from working directly with retirees assisting with their needs, wants and desires for senior accommodation. Imagine projects has worked with a vast number of operators and is currently managing sales and marketing portfolios for a range of senior living projects.